How (not) to write your first tweet

It's your big moment.

140 characters to grab someone's attention and keep them interested long enough to convince them that yes, your product is #amazeballs. The first post on Twitter is key for a new venture. You need to make it a mix of interesting, funny, clever and intriguing. You want to leave your meagre handful of followers wanting more. You want them baying for the next taste of your tweet tweet blood (as you can probably tell, I had the funny part sewn up already with material like that). 

So when I was thinking about my first post for The Habit Journal, I researched some of the best first tweets in twitterland and came up with these 3.

1. @barackobama: Barack Obama's first tweet was historic, informative, gave hope and instilled confidence:

2. @charliesheen:Charlie Sheen's first tweet predictably included his strap line: 

3. @aplosk: Ashton Kutcher is a complete twitter junkie and usually has plenty to tweet about. His first tweet though, was a simplistic no nonsense affair:

So research done, I opened notepad and confidently mocked out my first informative and simplistic tweet, which included the all important strap line. This is how it looked:

"Hi everyone, just to let you know, we've launched TheHabitJournal: Choose your habits change your life. Check us out at"

140 characters exactly. I was chuffed. Now just to wait for the right moment to click send and sit back as the follower counter went ballistic. However, whilst I was killing time I happened upon this tweet from the telegraph:

Soon I was wrapped up in the pandamonium (sorry) and without thinking had submitted my first professional tweet as @thehabitjournal. This was it:


Yes I'd cocked up. Yes for my product launch I'd tweeted a picture of my son in a panda suit instead of the carefully constructed promotional blob of blurb above. Yes it had the opposite effect I was looking for, no new followers, no comments, no favourites, no tagline, no message of hope...did I regret it? 

No. Who knows, when someone else is doing research on famous first tweets in a few years time, maybe Sebastian's picture will be up there sandwiched between Barack and Charlie.


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