Proof The Habit Journal Works

Over the last 4 weeks we've had various questions, including:“is the journal waterproof?” [if you’re wondering, no it is not] and “will it help me stop picking my nose in the car?” [I assume this one was a joke, but the answer is still yes*]

But 3 questions that seem to crop up the most are: 

1. Does the journal work?

2. Will it work for me?

3. What are your plans after Kickstarter?

I’ll answer 2 and 3 first:

Will it work for me? 

I don’t know, but I know someone that does…you. I’m like a broken record when I tell people that it’s not a magic book. The hard work needs to be put in by you. You’ll need to trust in yourself to stay committed long enough to reap the rewards. But if you do, it can and will be life changing for you. This always reminds me of the cartoon below - someone who starts out practicing better habits and after a month of hard work gives up because they aren't getting the rewards. Habits take time to stick, but once they do you’ll be glad you kept at it.


What are your plans after the Kickstarter? 

This was a question asked by several blogs and a national paper (The Sun). They wanted to know what the future was for The Habit Journal. This was our answer:

100% of the focus is getting the journal into the hands of our backers. Once this is completed, we will be concentrating on our site. It’s currently set up as a traditional ecommerce site. However we want to move away from this, to more of a community style site. It will be used as a resource for advice, tips, articles, guest posts, how tos and shared experiences for anyone using The Habit Journal to change their life. Why do we want to build a community of habit tracking, goal achieving, life changing awesome people? 

Charles Duhigg, author of The Power of Habit (highly recommended reading) explains it nicely:“When people join groups where change seems possible, the potential for that change to occur becomes more real”

Ok, now for the big one:

Does the journal work?

This is the question I've faced from the minute I started sharing the journal and the tracking technique. My answer has really only ever been based on my own personal experiences with using it and the progress I've made. No, I’m by no means wildly successful. I still work my 9-5. I still drive a ’99 Volkswagen. I still have the same friends and do some of the same things I did before starting the journal. At the same time, I’m a completely different person with a different outlook on the world and everyone in it. So thank you for this Oscar….oh wait wrong speech…right I’ll cut to the chase. 

Here is how I can prove The Habit Journal works:


Reread that line.

I know The Habit Journal works, because I used it to help get funding for it.

At the start of the year I set myself a goal of sharing the journal with everyone. Up to this point, it was really only family and a few friends who had been using a version I’d created for them. I opened my journal and added this to my goal list: Do a Kickstarter and get funded. I then used this goal as my focus for January and came up with the following habits that I thought would help me achieve the goal:

  • Contact 5 blogs a day 
  • Share and get Feedback on prototype (45 mins) 
  • Finalize designs (60 mins) 
  • Contact 5 manufacturers a day 
  • Practice copywriting (45 mins) 
  • Work on website (60 mins) 
  • Research Kickstarter projects (60 mins) 
  • Draft Kickstarter page (20 mins) 
  • Downtime 8-9pm (Mary and Seb) 

I began tracking these at the start of January in preparation for the campaign, which I planned for February. By doing this however, I was ready to launch earlier than I thought and the project went live on 21st January, 3 weeks after tracking my new habits. Within 3 days, we’d reached our funding all thanks to you guys – and I had achieved my goal!

*If you suffer from this particular habit, here is the rest of the answer I gave:

  • Identify what triggers you to pick your nose…for example it might be sitting in traffic, or driving on the motorway. 
  • Now identify the reward you get from picking your nose…it might be you keep your hands busy, or you get to groom yourself. 
  • Finally, identify what habit you could develop instead of picking your nose that would still have the same trigger and reward…it could be running your hands through your hair (grooming and keeping your hands busy) 
  • Now every time the trigger occurs, run your hands through your hair. Keep track of your progress and any relapses you may have.

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