10 Springtime Habits To Start Right Now!

Spring is here...well almost

The 20th March is the Vernal Equinox. 

No, we had never heard of it either. It marks the moment the Sun crosses the celestial equator, which is the imaginary line which runs south to north in the sky above the Earth’s equator. In other words, it's the start of springtime. And what better time to pick up a few new habits. Here are 10 of them to get you in the mood:


1. Clean up - there is nothing like a good old spring clean to welcome in the fairest of the seasons. Do it right though. Start throwing out before you tidy. Ask yourself "Do I really need this?". If the answer is no, chuck it. Be ruthless and you will feel liberated and refreshed when you're done. You can also start this habit in work. At the end of every day, clean your desk. When you come into the office the next day, you'll have a clear mind and feel much more organised for the day ahead.

2. Take up a new hobby - work out how much spare time you have and what you are genuinely passionate about. Then take up a hobby that fits the bill. You'll meet new people and gain a sense of achievement by learning something new. The better weather allows for a broader range of hobbies to take up. Why not join a nature walking club. If you can't find one then start the club yourself. Use meetup.com to spread the word.

3. Learn the lingo - if you're planning a summer holiday to somewhere exotic, why not try to learn the local language. Basic holiday lingo can be easily picked up in the few months of before you go. There are so many free resources to learn a new language, just do a search on Youtube for beginner videos. You'll feel more confident on your vacation and the natives will appreciate the effort.

4. Buy some new gear - spring is the perfect time to start a new fitness regime. To help with this, go buy some new running shoes and maybe a tracksuit or two. Then wear them. This will get you in the right mindset for exercise. Even if the exercise is a few jumping jacks or a 20 minute stroll every morning, you'll immediately feel better.

5. Get a whiteboard - with the brighter mornings coming in, you are going to have more hours to play with. So let's get organised. Get a planner - white or blackboard depending on your preference. Mount it on your kitchen wall and start using it to plan your meals, catchups with friends and any other appointments you have throughout the week.

6. Buy flowers - having flowers in the house is a proven way to lift your mood. It will brighten your living space and introduce nature into your home. Make them smelly for an added sensory turn on.

7. Drink twisty water - have you spent the winter drinking hot chocolate and red wine? It's time to get properly hydrated by drinking more water. Add a twist of lemon, orange or cucumber for an even fresher taste. Bring a bottle with you everywhere you go. Then get in the habit of sipping every so often.

8. Get green fingered - gardening is no longer just a pastime for the retired. Start a vegetable patch, herb garden or plant some roses. It's therapeutic and will get your heart pumping. You'll also be able to start eating healthier as a result of all those peas and carrots.

9. Go to bed - ok so the days are longer and the nights are lighter. It doesn't mean you should stay up past your bedtime. Go to bed early. Your body and mind will thank you in the morning. Set a time and stick to it every night. 

10. Get to work - summer is synonymous with exams. If you're a student, this is the time to get your head down and start studying. It's not too late but you need to come at it with 100% effort. How would you feel the day after your exams finish if you are just doing what you did before the exams? Put the effort in now and the post exam celebrations will be so much sweeter.  


As with all new habits it's essential you start tracking your habits and reflecting on your progress. Use The Habit Journal to do this and you'll make this spring the most productive and exciting you've ever had!

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