Habit Journaler of the Week

Name: Phil Martinez

About: 28 yr. old musician, professional driver, author and owner of Cool Drummings Publishing Co.

Best Habits: Getting plenty of rest, drink water almost exclusively (no sodas), visualize my next day every night before going to bed, controlling my emotions, writing down all of my plans for projects I'm working on, recording every time I play music with other people.

Worst Habits: Using my PlayStation too much, Little Caesar's Deep dish pizza (and they just added bacon...), sitting too much, being a night owl (which works well for me, minus the absence of daylight for physical tasks).

Dream Goal: I have a lot of dreams goals, but I like to take one at a time and use it to help make my future goals become a reality. My agenda in my life right now is to live as independently as possible; no bills, no expenses, no debt, while creating creating good changes for the planet. To get there I am making habits of deciding to be a producer instead of a consumer more often, living frugally, living in a smaller space than I ever have, giving things I don't need to people who do, taking account of every single resource I use and making healthy habits to reduce those needs, recycling and eliminating waste creation as much as possible, adding value to other people's lives, and choosing to want less yet do more. I'd also say my next big dream goal is to start a recycling plant in my home town in the next 7 years. In order to get to that point, some serious steps will need to be executed, including a lot of hours engineering the way the facility will run, executing a successful venture capital campaign, and slowly changing the waste making mentality our south Texas culture follows today. I believe that once schools, companies, and individuals in my area realize that their waste streams can be converted into savings, it'll be a no brainer; but a lot of things have to be done to get there. After that, my next dream goal will be to plant 1 million trees by 2030. How? Afforestt.com  

You can check out Phil's current dream goal of funding his project on Indiegogo:

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