What is The habit journal?

It's a simple and effective daily journal for recording, measuring and applying lasting habits, to help you change your life.

How do I know what habits to track?

We're currently creating a comprehensive list of habits for you to choose from - more to come on this soon.

Why can't I just use an app to track my habits?

You can but we created The Habit Journal to be a tangible tool. There is something rewarding about taking pen to paper and tracking your habits in ink, that you just don't get with swiping and typing. (Also, one of my bad habits that i'm tracking is time spent on my smartphone...the less the better) 

Why can't I just use a normal notepad?

You can of course. This isn't a hard sell. Our mission is to help you discover that your habits can be chosen and you can use them to achieve your goals and have the life you want. We just think having it all together in a diary style journal makes you more likely to use it and remind yourself to do so. You can check out our range of journals here

I can't afford it?

If you can't afford it, then you need it most. That's why I'm offering the printable version FREE to anyone that shares our Kickstarter page on Facebook and Twitter. Just send me a mail with a screenshot and you'll get the printable version once our Kickstarter campaign has finished.

Do you ship internationally?

Yes. We are based in the UK but we ship worldwide.

I own a shop - can I sell The Habit Journal?

Yes. Drop us a message here, and we'll talk turkey.

Can I make a suggestion about the Journal?

We love feedback. Please let us know what works and doesn't. You can drop us a note here and we'll send you something nice if it's a good'un.